Luckys Nanaimo Wine

Luckys-12At Lucky’s Liquor Store we strive to offer the absolutely best selection of wine in Nanaimo.

We carefully tend to our wine section to ensure that a broad range of wine styles are available for our customers. Starting with stocking as many varietals and blends  per region or country and moving forward towards a large price spectrum.

In the Italian section at Lucky’s we stock several Chianti Classico’s, traditional Chianti, Valpolacella, Valpollicella Ripasso, Amarone, Muntipultciano D’ Abruzzo, appassimento wine, modern blends and  traditional  blends. There is good choice in white Italian wines here as well, including some unique blends, rose’s and organic choices.

France is another country we work hard at offering a good selection from. All the large regions of wine production are represented as well as some wines specific to smaller appellations. You can find wine from the Loire Valley and Alsace here at Lucky’s. We do our best to get in a price range of good red Bordeaux as well a couple of those classic white Bordeaux.

Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Portugal and Spain are wine producing countries that offer exceptional value in price and flavour. Lucky’s gives equal attention to those good value countries in our selection of the wine offered.

Luckys-35New Zealand is well represented with their outstanding Pinot Noirs, and of course the ever popular Sauvignon Blanc. Other varietals are being exported as well and you can find them on our shelves.

Australia and the US are quite well established countries that make deeply flavoured lush wines. At Lucky’s we try to stock the best they have to offer in our large selection.

Lucky’s is pleased to keep our shelves as diverse as possible. Wines from Hungary, India, Greece, Israel and Bulgaria  can be found here.

The German wine selection offers all the favorites plus some hard to find choices like Gruner Veltliner, an iconic grape that produces an extremely pleasing wine.

Our selection of late harvest, fruit and ice wines represent numerous regions and styles. The traditional grape dessert wines as well and port style can be found at Lucky’s.

In the bubbly section we carry a large selection of sparkling wines. Champagne and vintage Champagne share shelf space with Prosecco, Method Traditional and Charmat styles of delicious bubbly.

Wine NanaimoIn our desire to support the local economy we stock as many Vancouver Island wines as we can cram on to our shelves. From Saanich to Comox, local wines offer an opportunity to taste good quality cool climate wines and buy local.

British Columbia’s VQA wines are of especial interest to us. Each year we visit the wine growing regions of BC’s interior and choose some less known, yet well respected wineries to be represented on our shelves. Wines from the burgeoning region around Kamloops are showing off some excellent minerals and lush fruit flavours. Depending on vintage releases we try to have at least 280 of BC’s VQA wines for sale.

So come on down to Lucky’s for all your wine needs. Our free wine sampling station always has eight wines ready to be tasted by you!!